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About The Project

For Milton Keynes Park Trust
Bespoke Housing
Principle Contractor: Parkway Construction
Systems Covered: Ventilation MVHR, Hot and Cold Water Services, Solar Thermal Evacuated Tubes

New build 3 storey, 5 bedroom detached house designed by architects Eco-design to meet the Passive House standards. In a Passive house thermal comfort is achieved to the greatest practical extent through the use of passive measures which include good levels of insulation with minimal thermal bridges, excellent levels of airtightness, good indoor air quality provided by a whole house mechanical ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery.
We were tasked with the design and installation of the whole house mechanical ventilation system, hot and cold water services, above ground drainage and electrical back-up. The key too our install was finding a passive certified ventilation unit installing it to passive haus standards then balancing the system and getting it passive certified.

At the time this house was only the 11th house in the uk to achieve the standard, it also achieved one the highest air tightness tests in Europe. Some electrical back up heating was installed but has proven to not be needed due to the high insulation values and the high air tightness of the building. We are maintaining the building and it is worth noting that the building has extremely low energy usage, it has been reported that the energy bills are only £60 a year.

Our works comprised of:

  • Installation of Full Mechanical ventilation
  • Hot water cylinder
  • Bathrooms
  • Solar Thermal evacuated tubes to the roof connected to the hot water cylinder